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*Today's Tracker provides a 30 minute window for the expected arrival of your Delivery or Service. This window will change frequently as it updates based on GPS location. As the Drivers make progress in their route, the Tracker will continually update to provide the most current, real time arrival estimates.

Look up your Scheduled Delivery or Service Date and Time-Frame

To see the scheduled date and time frame for your upcoming delivery (within a 4 hour time window), enter the telephone number on your order or your customer service number. You can access this info up to two days before your scheduled date.

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I route your delivery/service using a state of the art computer system which helps ensure that your delivery/service will arrive within the time frame you have been provided. Traffic conditions, delivery delays and inclement weather can affect the arrival time of your delivery/service. I provide a 4 hour estimated window for your delivery, and a 2 hour estimated window for your service, via telephone, 2 days prior. Please understand that our time window is not a guarantee but an estimate, and we ask that you be prepared to be home during your estimated window time.

In addition; while it is unexpected, technical issues may occur outside of our control that may alter the accuracy of the projected arrival time. My Bob’s Team will do it’s very best to contact you personally with notification of changes to your estimated time window as we become aware of them. For further assistance you can contact our Customer Care Team at 800-569-1284.

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